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Béarn Pyrenees Business

Discover the economic wealth of Béarn through its key assets



Discover Béarn Pyrenees


Find out more about Béarn's economic statistics, assets and the materials that can help you...

The economy in Béarn is centred around 5 key industries: a diverse industrial ecosystem

Invest in Pau Pyrenees: support for investors

In order to develop Béarn’s economy, the Pau Béarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a partnership with the private and public stakeholders of the region: Invest in Pau Pyrenees.
The stakeholders in the region are prepared to help you develop the economy of Béarn.  

Visit our Invest in Pau Pyrenees website:

The Pau Béarn Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Innovation Development Agency (ADI-NA) network, official correspondent for Business France.