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You live in Béarn, you’re a Béarnais abroad,
you have roots in Béarn, you’re a Béarn fan, you are proud of your city or village in Béarn
and you are a citizen of the world;

become an ambassador for Béarn Pyrenees by signing up to this charter.

Charter for Béarn Pyrenees ambassadors


The ambassador network is a committed but non-partisan movement.
The members act in accordance with a certain mindset based on openness and sharing, fulfil a certain number of missions, and adhere to the following charter:

  • Ambassadors must uphold the Béarn values and spirit at all times: openness, sharing and friendliness.
  • Ambassadors must be truly committed and set an example in their duty to protect and promote their region, Béarn.
  • Ambassadors must co-operate and work with other members.
  • Ambassadors must be positive-thinking and passionate.
  • Ambassadors must be open-minded, come up with new ideas and be determined to help Béarn to grow
  • Ambassadors must be committed to communicating, influencing and promoting the region to the best of their ability. They must share their love for Béarn with others.

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