To be an ambassador for Béarn is above all to act for the region.

Examples of this may include: 

  • Keeping up to date with Béarn news and with information transmitted by the ambassadors of Béarn network (economic information, major events, tourism info...)
  • Promoting Béarn and highlighting its strengths: quality of life, history and heritage, gastronomy, areas of excellence, higher education, major events and talents.
  • Reporting and encouraging development opportunities for Béarn: company start-ups, holding cultural or sporting events, organising business conferences and delegations, welcoming international students…
  • Organising or participating in events that advertise Béarn: bringing together stakeholders of the region in your professional activities or personal life or being present at events outside the region to represent Béarn.
  • Encouraging tourists to visit Béarn by publicising the advantages and recounting personal experiences on social media…
  • Taking the initiative of disseminating Béarn promotional materials to your contacts, in meetings, events and during travels in Béarn, the rest of France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, etc.) and internationally.
  • Sharing positive information relating to Béarn and the Pyrenees regularly on social media.
  • Finding and convincing like-minded ambassadors to strengthen the network.
  • Putting forward propositions and actions to grow this network for the benefit of our region and for the citizens of Béarn now and in the future.